Experimental Film Story Treatment
Low Exposure during sad moments
Film the story of life of some object with no dialogue just actions of people. Have background music or some kind of audio to accompany the surrounding sound of the area being filmed.

For my film I plan to start it off with some shots of going through somewhat tall grass. Then the camera would slightly rise up and you would then be able to see a girl. She would be carelessly playing around in the field and eventually make her way to a lone tree. On this lone tree an apple will be hanging from it, either tied with fishing line to make it appear floating or with some normal string or rope. The girl will then “pick” the apple and place it into a flowery basket which she will then carelessly then walk through the tall grass again. From here the camera will then slowly dip back into the grass and into a fade transition to the next scene. The next scene will either be a shot of the basket in the back of the car as the girl drives home or I will cut it and then go straight to the girl being back home. Once home she will place the apple on fruit holder thing which the apple will stay with a time lapse for 1-2 days. Then the girl will reappear and take the apple, put it into a bag and then get into a car. Scene will transition to being on a hike. The girl will stop for a snack and beginning to eat the apple, out of sight she will finish the apple. Then she will throw the apple off to the side and from there the camera will go onto the apple and time lapse for a bit. Transition to black as if it's becoming night then fade to a time lapse most likely going to be taken over a couple of days with the leftover apple rotting away aided by the occasional blast of heat from a heat source off camera to speed process up. Then fade to black and end credits.When the apple is first thrown to the ground the music will become more of an emotional tune and the exposure will go down to show the emotion the apple feels. The pace of the film I intend to have is feeling like life is a little slowed down at first when the girl is all happy and enjoy life. It will go to more of a normal pace after the apple is brought home. The pace will be sped up during the time lapse of the apple decomposing then slowed down at the end towards the fade to credits.
Inspiration Behind The Film
Other Side of Life - Owen Winkler

Came into this world happy
Spending time with my family
Until I was taken
Thrown in a truck
And brought 100’s of miles away
To a box with other people like me
Being sold for petty cash.
Sudden loss of my body
Down to my skeleton
Thrown away
Laying on the ground
Slowly rotting away
Becoming one with the ground
With hopes to grow into a larger entity
But knowing nothing will come of it.

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